Catholic 7 Leave Big East, Poach Mid-Majors Because Nobody Really Respects Them

power house conference?

power house conference?

“The seven non-Football Bowl Subdivision schools in the Big East have agreed to leave the conference and are debating the process of departing it, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Big East commissioner Mike Aresco told the athletic directors of the remaining and incoming schools on Thursday evening that he expects the seven schools will leave the Big East, a source told ESPN. On the call, Aresco told the ADs that he had not officially heard from the seven schools that they were leaving.

The departing schools conducted a teleconference with Aresco on Thursday morning. They have scheduled a second conference call for Saturday, when they are expected to address these issues and possibly make an official declaration.

Because the seven schools are leaving as a group, they can use a league clause that eliminates the exit fee for a collective departure, a source told ESPN. However, the schools would have to honor the league’s requirement to provide 27 months’ notice.

The seven schools could negotiate an earlier exit, but the Big East would undoubtedly require some sort of financial compensation.

Brey also said some of the nation’s Catholic schools are discussing joining the seven outgoing Big East Catholic schools and making a national Catholic conference with Xavier, Saint Louis, Dayton, Creighton, Gonzaga and possibly Saint Mary’s, as well.

Xavier athletic director Mike Bobinski told that he’s not sure how this will all play out but “we’re supportive of efforts to strengthen the (Atlantic 10) membership,” when asked what the Musketeers would do if the seven departing Catholic schools sought Xavier’s membership.”
Xavier athletic director Mike Bobinski told that he’s not sure how this will all play out but “we’re supportive of efforts to strengthen the (Atlantic 10) membership,” when asked what the Musketeers would do if the seven departing Catholic schools sought Xavier’s membership.

Ah, the ol’ vote of confidence. Anyone who considers themselves a sports fan knows what the “vote of confidence” means. Just ask Bobby V, formerly of the Boston Red Sox, or Mike Brown, formerly of the Los Angeles Lakers, what they know about the vote of confidence. I believe Mike Brown and the Lakers set the unofficial record for shortest time between the vote of confidence and the actual firing (approximately 6 hours or so?).

Looking at the comments by Xavier’s AD, how can anyone not see that they are as good as gone in the A-10? There are only 2 ways to respond to questions about your school’s future: you deny the reports and explicitly state that you are staying in your current conference OR you don’t. Xavier did not. They do not need to state that they are definitely leaving the A-10 for it to be obvious. They had the chance to say that they not only support the efforts of the A-10, but that they want to be a part of those efforts in the future. AD Bobinski chose to dance around the question and give a vanilla, almost Bill Belichick-like, answer.

I am 100% convinced that Xavier is leaving the A-10 to join the Catholic 7 (or whatever shitty name they want to call themselves if they can’t take the name “Big East” with them). In fact, I’ve felt for a few years now that the A-10 was playing on borrowed time with Xavier. With their success out of conference, in conference, and in the NCAA tournament, it was only a matter of time before a traditional power (or high major) conference poached them from the A-10.

As a fan of a team in the A-10, it sucks balls that they are leaving because they brought notoriety (and a monster RPI boost) to the conference and helped forge enough respect in order for the A-10 to bring in Butler and VCU into the conference to replace Temple and Charlotte (both leaving for football reasons).

Adding Xavier would give the Catholic 7 a total of 8 teams. In my opinion, 8 teams is still a weak number of teams and they will need to add more. They could choose to go after more A-10 teams and/or go after other basketball-only, successful, mid-major schools (like a Creighton).

Whatever approach they take for expansion, fuck ’em for snagging teams from a “mid-major” who is on its way, if not already there, to becoming a high major conference. I wish that new conference nothing but misery and a lifetime of mediocrity and ridicule. They are all a bunch of assholes who think they’re better than the rest of the schools in the Big East (and the rest of CBB). Sure they bring tradition, but tradition doesn’t make up for the fact that they are nothing but a collective pile of shit right now in CBB. Marquette is the only school to have any sort of success in the post season (1 Final Four appearance when they had Dwayne Wade). I can’t wait until every school in this new conference who goes to the NCAA tournament is gone before the Sweet 16.

UPDATE: Looks like the Catholic 7 are making their move on the A-10…


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