New Rhody Versus Old Rhody

Rhody Steals St Joe's Floatie

I have to be honest here; I am not a fan of the new-look Rhody. I think the older mascot look had a different swagger that this Rhody is lacking. This Rhody has no edge. This current ‘roided out freakshow looking ram doesn’t strike fear in anybody. Look, I know it is the person inside the suit and not the suit itself but the suit represents what Rhody Basketball is. The team was far better with the old Rhody and it isn’t even close.

I remember going to a home game back in ’07 or ’08 against Charlotte where the 49ers were taking warm up shots and Rhody went up to the team and started swatting their shots and mocking the team. It pumped the fans up, it pumped the team up.

This new era of basketball under Coach Hurley is a gritty, scrappy, and hard-working team. We need a Rhody that embodies that attitude. We need the old Rhody back! We need the old URI swagger back!

Now cue the motherfucking video!

Cut to 0:45 mark.


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