Concordia College (MN) Cobbers Wish You A Merry Christmas

Ok, so I know absolutely nothing about this school.  Are they D1?  Anyone ever hear of the MIAC (Minnesota Interscholastic Athletic Conference)?  All I know is that they got their shit kicked in by North Dakota State University (by 29), Minnesota State – Moorhead (by 13), and the University of St. Thomas (MN – by 29).  Clearly this team isn’t very good.

Anyway, these are cool trick shots, I guess.  They’re only about 2 or 3 years late to this party as Sportsnation on ESPN2 used to open their show with people doing outrageous trick shots (most of which were fake).

Too bad they couldn’t take shots like this in their games and maybe they wouldn’t suck so bad.

All I know is that on the court these guys couldn’t beat the Washington Generals, but I would absolutely hate to face these guys on the playground in a game of HORSE.


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