Rhody Mob is the Biggest Group of Front Running Fans

So I was in the Alumni Lounge a few weeks ago and they had the “president” of the Rhody Mob talk to us about how they have 250+ members and a waiting list to join. How they average 114 members per game. This is what the Rhody Mob squad looks like for the average URI game. This picture was taken 2:14 before tip off. To get to that 114 average they only need about 92 more members. This is incredibly embarrassing for the school. It is disgusting how the Athletics Department gives them special privileges. For everyone saying that it’s the holidays, take a look at a few photos from the Duke vs. Elon game that took place 36 hours prior to the URI game (after Duke’s semester ended). Look at how many students were in the stands. Keep in mind, this wasn’t a rivalry game nor some mid-level ACC school-this was fucking Elon. Fucking frauds.

Duke v Elon

Duke v Elon2

Mason Plumlee, Sebastian Koch, Lucas Troutman, Jack Isenbarger


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