Catholic 7 Working On TV Deal, Looks To Fuck Over New Entrants


ESPN: Sources say that Fox, whose Fox Sports 1 channel is set to launch in August, has an initial high offer on the table of more than $500 million for a 12-year deal.

Under the current Big East deal, which expires at the end of this season, the non-football schools receive between $2 million and $3 million from the television contract. There was initial fear the defections of recent football members would leave the non-football schools in a worse position.

It is believed the “Catholic 7” would divide its share of the television rights evenly and split the rest among what ideally will become the other three-to-five schools that it adds to form a 10- to 12-team conference. One source said it is likely the new schools wouldn’t share the same amount as the “Catholic 7,” which would allow the former Big East basketball schools to earn in the $5 million range. It’s thought that free agent schools such as the ones in the Atlantic 10 would be fine with making less than half of that on an annual basis because they currently pull in $400,000 a year.

How perfectly pretentious of these seven schools. They realistically don’t have enough teams to have anything resembling a conference nor have any of those teams done anything worth noting in the last 10 years (save for a Final Four appearance for Marquette with Dwayne Wade on the payroll*).

I am genuinely curious what these idiot presidents and AD’s see when they look in the mirror. What is their marketing plan here? “Hey Xavier, we want you to join our conference. Yes you are better than each of us but we’re not going to give you the same portion of the TV money we will get but hey, it’s more than you make now! What do ya say, want in?!”

I pray that Xavier is smarter than that tactic. If Xavier goes (and I think they do), how long before they come to the table and say to the Catholic 7: “Ummm, since we joined and made a conference, we’ve been the best team and the reason this conference has had any success. We want equal money”?

These Catholic 7 schools’ egos are so warped because of ancient success, that they think they can lure in other top mid-major talent (who has actually had tournament success – VCU and Butler) who are better than each of the Catholic 7 and still screw them over and not offer them an equal share in the TV revenue.

Guess what, you shitheads?! If you don’t get these other good schools, you won’t have a “real” conference. The Fox deal wouldn’t be for just you seven shithole schools. Fox has probably already asked for proof/assurance that other schools are joining. If that is the case, then the new schools are just as important as you and deserve an equal share.

*Probably. No actual proof.


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