Game Recap: Brown

Brown sent home as a bunch of sad bears.

Brown sent home as a bunch of sad bears.

What an ugly game that was. Both teams shot under 35% from the field.

But there is a lot to be encouraged by for URI. They created, and executed, a complex and aggressive game plan. From my preview, I said URI needed to aggressively guard the perimeter to shut down the Brown guards (who are the focal point of the Brown offense) as well as Brown F Halpern. Halpern is such a curious case. He has some serious size (an advantage over URI) but avoids the paint like he’ll catch the Plague. I saw one play where he drove to the paint, had an open lane to the hoop, and still took it back out of the paint and passed the ball.

In addition to shutting the guards and Halpern down (a combined 28 points), they defended Maia very tough and fouled him often (he took 10 FTs and only had 2 FGs attempted) and that really hampered him as he only hit 4 of those 10 FT’s.

They also were smart to not focus too much of their defense on Kuakumensah because, as I pointed out, he was only on the floor for defensive purposes and that could not have been more true on Friday night. He only had 5 points but had 6 rebounds and 3 blocked shots.

URI followed the plan, that I thought they needed to, perfectly. I was right about everything in the preview except for the score. God, I could not have been more wrong. My spread was only half of the actual spread and I woefully overestimated the points scored.

Next up, a road game against Richmond to open up A-10 play.


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