Conference Power Rankings 1/14/13

ESPN:The BPI is ESPN’s College Basketball Power Index. The BPI team rating takes into account the game score, where the game was played, the pace of the game and whether any of the team’s top five players was missing.

ESPN Stats & Information Conference Power Rankings
Rank    Conference      Computers      Human Bonus      Final Rating      Last Week
1            Big Ten                     61.8                     0.237                    47.1                     N/A
2           Big East                    57.7                     0.114                     51.2                     N/A
3           Pac-12                      62.1                      0.069                    57.8                    N/A
4           ACC                           66.8                      0.093                    60.5                    N/A
5           Mountain West    70.9                      0.074                    65.6                    N/A
6           Big 12                       80.4                      0.101                     72.3                    N/A
7           SEC                            92.4                      0.060                    86.9                    N/A
8           MVC                        102.8                     0.049                     97.8                   N/A
9           A-10                       103.9                      0.038                  100.0                   N/A
10        West Coast            129.1                      0.065                  120.7                   N/A


For anyone looking for RPI and BPI information by school, the links are at the bottom of this post.

Basically BPI is ESPN trying to create their own rankings formula to make themselves seem progressive in the hopes of replacing the RPI. It is the college basketball version of ESPN’s “Total QBR” formula they came up with. The tournament selection committee does not use BPI (they still rely on looking at SOS and RPI).

The Mountain West ranking is solely the result of the great seasons New Mexico, San Diego St., and UNLV are having. New Mexico is ranked #19 and SDSU is ranked #15. UNLV at one point was ranked at #24. The MWC has a 13-14 record (.481 win pct) against teams from the Power Six conferences this season, and currently has five teams in the top 40 of the BPI. It is no doubt that MWC deserves to be ranked where it is. It is proving that mid-majors are starting to put an end to that term as these schools are starting to be more competitive with the power conference schools on a much more regular basis.

The Missouri Valley Conference is being carried by Creighton and Witchita St. Creighton is having a stellar season with good wins against Nebraska, Arizona St., and Wisconsin. All 3 of those wins came by double-digits. The win against Nebraska was on the road and was a 22 point drubbing. Creighton also is ranked #10 in the BPI and #20 in the RPI.

The big surprise is where the A-10 stands. The A-10 has so many good teams: St. Louis, Xavier, Butler, VCU, and Temple. It is shocking to see them at #10 but I guess it is because the conference is 16 teams and the rest of the conference is so mediocre and even just downright bad. There are a greater number of those mediocre and bad teams that just seem to be weighing down the top tier teams in the conference. No wonder Xavier and Butler are all but certain locks to leave to join the Catholic 7.

For anyone looking for the BPI rankings by school can click here…or here for RPI rankings by school.


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