Game Recap: Dayton Flyers

What a fucking game, huh? What didn’t it have? Comeback? Check. Timely defense? Check. A game thought to be all wrapped up but dreams seemed crushed? Check. A game winning, buzzer beater? Check.

Got to give URI credit. It looked, especially early, that Dayton was going to cruise to an easy win. URI couldn’t hit water if they fell off a boat and they couldn’t stop Dayton on the other end. But Hurley called a timeout and really settled his team down as they began to crank up the defensive effort and really make things tough for Dayton.

URI clawed back to take a 1-point lead going into the half. URI then came out in the second half and built up their own sizeable lead. A lead in which Dayton overcame late and the shot that made every URI fan think “fuck, here we go again!”. Kevin Dillard buries a deep 3 with 8 seconds left to tie the game. I truly thought that would mean OT and a possible Dayton win after URI led the game for most of the second half. Then came Xavier Munford. URI’s closer. The guy everyone knows wants, and gets, the ball in the final seconds. He relishes the pressure and spot light that comes with his role. Takes the ball all way down court and splits 2 defenders and takes a 3 and hits nothing but net.

What another stunning upset at the hands of URI. URI has Dayton’s number and they know it. URI is clearly in Dayton’s heads. URI has now won 6 straight against Dayton and I think #5 gives Dayton nightmares…Marquis Jones (twice) and now Munford.


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