Jim Donaldson Hates URI Fans…In Other News, Water Is Wet

Jim Donaldson

Yes this is the only image I could find of him.

ProJo: It was great to see the Dunk jam-packed, with nary an empty seat to be seen, for Saturday’s 71-54 rout of 21st-ranked Notre Dame.

Which, coincidentally, happened to be the Friars’ 21st victory over a ranked team since the Rams last beat a team in the national rankings, back in 1999.

Without question, that’s part of the reason PC fans consistently turn out in greater numbers than supporters of Our State U.

But, despite the Rams’ 8-16 record this season — 3-6 in the A-10 — they deserve the support of what should be a rejuvenated fan base that’s hopefully encouraged by the obvious ability of URI’s fiery first-year coach, Dan Hurley, and the tenacity with which his team, although short on talent and depth, consistently battles for the full 40 minutes against mostly better foes.

ProJo: It was nice to see.

It also would have been nice to see more fans in the stands, as the announced attendance was only 3,388.

The ongoing apathy among URI alumni, students, and fans of Our State U. continues to amaze — and disappoint — considering the consistent effort put forth by first-year coach Dan Hurley’s team.

It’ll be interesting to see how big the bandwagon gets next season, when the Rams figure to be a much-improved team.

We get it, Donaldson. You think URI fans are a bunch of fair weather fans who only support a team that’s winning. Do you need to borrow my bat to help you continue to beat that dead horse? Deep down, though, I agree with you. You are 100% right. You’re also a 100% douche in the way you convey your thoughts.

I know that the Journal keeps you around simply because you are the most skilled troll they have on staff. You know just how to generate the maximum number of page views which ProJo uses to base its advertising revenue on.

But in response to your article comparing URI fans to PC fans, you can’t say that a big reason for the fans showing up is because of PC’s success against ranked opponents and then say that URI doesn’t have the same success and still criticize the URI fans for not coming out to see the team. Aside from this past weekend being family and something else (I forget) day and also against a school who happens to have a huge following in New England, PC’s success draws fans. What about when PC wasn’t as successful (during the final stretch of Tim Welsch’s tenure and the entirety of the Keno Davis era)? How well did PC pack the dunk? I remember being at the URI/PC game at the Ryan Center back in 2009 when URI was a good team and PC was a mediocre team at best. This was the game where URI overcame a 13-point halftime deficit. I sat in a section dominated by PC fans. One fan said to the other that he wished the atmosphere at the Dunk was half as electric as it was in the Ryan Center that day. I took that to mean that, during a few down years for PC, the fans abandoned the team (like the URI fans over the last 2 seasons).

Once Cooley started bringing in high ranking recruits, and generating some buzz and excitement, suddenly the fans hopped back on the bandwagon. URI is a year behind PC and with the addition of all of the transfers and freshmen E C Matthews and Hassan Martin next year, excitement will build up again and the fans will start to show up en masse again to the Ryan Center.

But, I digress. What this long-winded post is trying to say is that I completely agree with you that fans should support a team that has proven that they try as hard as they can, play the game right, and put forth the effort required to respect the game. This is not like the 2012 Red Sox who couldn’t care any less if they won or lost as long as the paychecks all cashed. What I don’t agree with, Donaldson, are the points you try to cite to back up your argument. If you want to compare PC fans to URI fans, you need to make sure PC fans aren’t also a bunch of front-runners. You can’t say that PC’s success is what draws fans and then compare that to a team who is not experiencing much success.

Your points should have been that URI deserves fans that support them through the good and the bad. That URI may not win very many games, they are always competing and deserve the respect and support from the fans because of how they approach and play the game the right way. You should have listed all the reasons why URI deserves the support instead of making wild comparisons. You started to in your “Deserve to beat Dayton” article when you said the ongoing apathy of fans “continues to amaze – and disappoint – considering the consistent effort put forth by first-year coach Dan Hurley’s team.” You should have taken that one point and built off of it but you followed up your argument by comparing apples (URI) to zebras (PC).


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