Temple Tournament Chances

I have noticed that a lot of people have stumbled upon my blog looking for information on where Temple’s tournament chances stand. I will be more than happy to oblige. Unfortunately, you Temple fans will not be happy with me on this one.

I know in his recent post, Jay Bilas has them at the #51 spot in terms of the top 68 teams (68 because of the 68 teams that make the tournament).

Temple According to Bilas

Accounting for the automatic bids that are not on this list, that spot would still get Temple into the tournament. But all that really matters is this.

Temple on the Bubble

Joe Lunardi, the bracketology guru, and his ridiculous 97% or 98% accuracy rating in predicting the tournament field, have Temple as one of the First Four Out.

Like I said in a previous post, after losing to Duquesne, Temple’s only real shot to leap frog these teams is to win out. They only have 2 more quality opponents on their schedule (La Salle and VCU – both are at home). Temple may survive a loss to La Salle as long as they beat VCU in their final game. Ideally they should really beat both teams as they both are currently in the field but going 1-1 against them won’t be the end of it all. If Temple loses to URI, Fordham, or Detroit, then it doesn’t matter if they beat both VCU and La Salle they will still be NIT bound. Should Temple lose to Charlotte, then they would need to have beaten La Salle and VCU to have a shot at getting in.

I hope this info helps you all out. I am actually traveling with my wife to Philly for the Temple/URI game. Temple should really be wary of URI. URI has played everyone tough and if Temple doesn’t take the game seriously, then URI could go in there and spoil Temple’s dreams of dancing in their final year in the A-10.

UPDATE: Temple took care of La Salle and got their 1 win out of La Salle and VCU. This has gotten them in as one of the last 4 in. Which means Temple does not have to beat VCU (just don’t get blown out) but they can’t afford to lose to anybody else.


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