URI Attendance Compared To Other Schools

Empty Ryan Center


    School                                              Average Attendance

Rhode Island                                                         3,829

Providence                                                            7,883

Wisconsin-Milwaukee                                       5,770

Old Dominion                                                       7,142

North Texas                                                          4,006

Montana                                                                 4,005

Do we get the point here? How the hell do Old Dominion, Montana, and North Texas draw bigger crowds than URI?!?! When was the last time any of those teams were relevant?! Are there even 4,000 people in the entire state of Montana?! Jim Donaldson is right; he’s an asshole, but he’s right. Generally speaking, URI fans are shitty fans. If those embarrassments of programs can draw bigger crowds, then URI fans don’t deserve a good program. URI fans don’t deserve a coach like Hurley or an AD like Bjorn. Personally, I wouldn’t blame them one bit if the rumors were true. If I were Hurley, I’d jump ship to Rutgers too. If I were Bjorn, I’d accept the Xavier job before they even offered it to me.

We need to be better fans. The team deserves better, the coaches deserve better, and the athletics department heads deserve better.


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