America 12 Conference Seeks $2.5M From Notre Dame

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ESPN: The Big East is seeking at least $2.5 million from Notre Dame to allow the Fighting Irish to leave and join the ACC on July 1, a source told ESPN.

The Big East previously offered Notre Dame the chance at an earlier exit if the Fighting Irish would schedule future football games against Big East opponents, sources said.

However, Notre Dame, with five annual games scheduled against ACC opponents starting in 2014, told the Big East it didn’t have any future openings and was unable to accommodate the request.

Notre Dame intended to stay in the Big East through the 2013-14 season as long as the league’s seven Catholic basketball schools remained.


Assuming the reputation of the Notre Dame Alumni network are true and the fact that Notre Dame fans span nationwide, ND should have absolutely zero problems raising the $2.5M in less than a week. There has to be a handful of very wealthy benefactors who are willing to donate to ND Athletics to help them get out of the new America 12 conference.

How about the groveling of the Big East/America 12 conference offering to waive the exit fee as long as ND promises to schedule football games with those terrible programs. Um, A12, I don’t think ND thinks playing the likes of Memphis and Houston is worth saving the $2.5M. ND knows that having to play the A12 teams will really kill their BCS rankings because everyone will discount their wins over your trash teams. ND is looking towards getting back to the BCS Championship game and playing Tulane and SMU won’t get them there. Playing Miami, FSU and Clemson gets them light years closer. That $2.5M price tag is a joke. I get that it is what was written in the agreement to join the Big East so there isn’t much flexibility in the amount charged so you should have just spared yourself the embarrassment of offering that ultimatum to ND. I bet anything ND laughed at you guys on the phone then said they will wire the money within a week.


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