Wild Finishes Today In The First Round Of A-10 Tournament Play


Tough day for the refs in this game. I think Richmond got absolutely screwed with some of these calls. In conference tournament games, refs really need to not make themselves the show and really be conservative with their whistles. I’ll be curious to see what the league has to say about this tomorrow. Either way, I’m happy with the outcome. I said that I thought Charlotte would win outright (thereby covering the spread). Take it to the bank. Anyways, get ’em, Digger!

Xavier/St. Joe’s

GIF courtesy of SB Nation

What a bad beat…had Xavier covering (and winning outright). Xavier fought to gain the lead. Had a 1 point lead with 28 seconds left and took a bad shot (essentially giving the ball back to St. Joe’s). Then Xavier doesn’t do what any team with a 1 point lead does…they allowed the St. Joe’s player to get into the paint and drive to the basket and fouled him. Now down 1 point with 1.4 seconds left, Xavier gets a GIFT of a lucky bounce on the inbounds pass landing right in Philmore’s hands with nobody around and he bricks an easy lay up. What a shitty way to end your last season in the A-10, huh? NIT should be entertaining, though….cheer up Xavier fans!


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