Dan Hurley Signs Extension With URI And I Can’t Be Happier

Dan Hurley Signs

ProJo: The University of Rhode Island and head coach Dan Hurley have agreed to a contract extension that will keep him at the school through the 2019-20 season, the school announced Friday.

The new deal adds two additional years to Hurley’s original contract, but primarily focuses on what URI is calling “programmatic changes and enhancements.” The financial terms of the contract Hurley signed last March when he came to Kingston remain unchanged.


I know this is old news at this point, but fuck it, I’m not looking to break news; just comment on the news.

Dan Hurley signing an extension, by itself, means nothing. Keeping him under contract longer doesn’t guarantee he stays at URI (it is not an indictment of Hurley but of the sports world in general). Instead, the signing is largely symbolic. He did reject Rutgers offer that would pay him $1M per season but signing the extension really symbolizes his character and loyalty. He knows that he won’t be able to build a championship team by job hopping between schools. He also knows that if he left, he’d be abandoning the kids who transferred and sat out last year just to play for him.

Got to give Hurely credit though. Even though contracts these days aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, Hurley was in a position of power and could have strong-armed URI into a nice raise but, instead, chose to only demand a commitment from URI to make much needed improvements to the athletics facilities and programs (beyond men’s basketball). Very altruistic of Hurley; using his position of power at the negotiating table to benefit all of URI athletics.

Hurley has proven with his actions that he is truly committed to winning and knowing what it really takes to win. URI, and their fans (like myself), can rejoice knowing that Hurley, at least at this moment, is saying he wants to stay and build up the URI program. The only thing that worries me about Hurley succeeding here is the other jobs that will be offered to him that he would be dumb to turn down. An example being Syracuse. Jim Boeheim has hinted that he is really close to retiring. If the basketball gods look unfavorable at URI, it could be bad timing where Hurley turns the URI program around and gets them to the NCAA Tournament just in time for Boeheim to retire and Syracuse may want a younger, high energy, good recruiting coach. Syracuse may come calling for Hurley and I think Hurley would be foolish not to accept the job if they offer it to him. Of course, that’s just speculation. For now, Hurley is committed to being a Ram.